i turned 23 the other day, went and got my first tat.

danny. youve met him on the site before. hes very good at his job.

this is how most of the 2 hour session went.

<img style=”border:0; align:none;” alt=”” src=”http://lovebryan.com/brunt/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/files/tat_typical.jpg”.
this was made sitting down for that long easy. that and other intoxicants.

birthday schemin. hardy already had a delicious (vegan, i might add) dinner planned after the parlor, but after that was in the air…

one last thing…

fingers hurt.

but only at first.

what do you expect. camera. middle fingers. pbn’j.

lukes next. shared needles, by the way. im clean, i swear. test by proxy a few days prior.

“really?” was the first though in my head in my too.


“now i have to wear gloves around my mother for the rest of my life” – luke

sending moms a photo of my new artwork. she thought it was hysterical. thats why my mom is cooler than yours.

there’s no life like low life.

finishin it up in 2 weeks. now thoroughly addicted. expect sleeves within the year.

lots more photos of my birthday coming soon. far more drunken rawkus than normal, even for us. somehow no one went to jail.

i dont have to tell you who took these photos. if i do, step your game up.

i got my camera back and a new computer. updates on the regs. stay tuned.