my camera is working again.

rob just got back from barcelona. he made this face when i asked him how it was.

he aslo got older the other day. it was hardys birthday too, but she refuses to have any pictures taken of her…ever.

a couple bands played for them that night at broadways. they werent very good. if you dont have these vans, youre out of the band.

my buddy jon build this bowl in the barn in his backyard. its really hard to skate.

sliding coast to coast

j fyle never really has any problem skating anything though.

resident partier, eric hunt. theres a photo of him in the last vice magazine getting his shirt ripped off. look for it.

crusty dance party. it ended so…

find a new one!

george is one of my new favorite people. hes 17 and awesome. and hes better at skateboarding than you.

more nights at broadways

contest in charlotte was lame.

fyle, contestant 335

backflips got 4th place

this is a make, i swear. i think doing this got you 6th or something. the kid that won ended his run with bennihanas over the pyramid. $1000 dollar bennihanas. skateboarding is dead.

this girl could do kickflips though. rob swears his are better, but he refused to challenge her to a kick-flip-off like i kept asking him too…

thanks to these two kids…

we ended up at a highschool party! its funny, even though jon and george were younger than most of the people there, the idea of going to a highschool party was as much a novelty to them as it was to me.

this kid just got these done the day before. some drunk broad was like “isnt that the symbol for the volcom?” we grabbed a couple bottles of liqour and left very shortly after this.

but not before beer pong! actually it was immidiatly after we grabbed the liqour.

“hey babe, where are the hard drugs at?”

kim and jessy decided my spirit animal was a half burned cigarette. thanks guys.

we will ALWAYS fuck with you.


i will also always have 3 flips.

i will never sleep.

asheville just lost two great people. alex and nina packed up their bags and headed west. youre a lucky town, san francisco.

their going away party was held at the emerald lounge. it was good for a while, but then a bunch of bitch-made people showed up, i got salty, and had to leave. sorry alex.


they ripped a lot of politicians apart. this is hillary clinton with her tits ripped of, spraying blood.

the most fun.

the cops showed up after the show cause no one was leaving and it was too caotic.

im back, bitches.