im back

i turned 21 a while back. we had a big party.

someone brought me a grab bag of shit, it had a fortune cookie in it. this as the fortune

then it snowed

portrait faces

me and rob went to knoxville for a one day skate jam. lots of skating, no photos.

except this wallie

and this kickflip

yeti got older, we had a party

posse up


skate in sc a while back

jacob made some friends

then found a torture room

the closest to gummo ive ever experienced

we all cut mohawks to hit the bars

we made out with everyone at the bar. only two photos to prove it.

then these girls made out

someone had to go for it

this kid fell asleep at the bar.

had to carry him to the car

when we left i attatched a tree to clarks jeep. thats it leaning to the right

halfway through the ride home it tipped. i took a photo and happened to catch the cop that was behind us right before he blue lighted us. he accused clark of being wasted (we had just left a bar that didnt close till 5 am). clark denied it and took the tree off. by the time he made it back to the car the cop had pulled away. i dont know how we didnt all spend the night in jail.

ended up at this house, clark went crazy.

then clark and jimmy got in a fight. it was quickly resolved.

sometime later in the year, i dont remember this photo being taken. i was told i made a scene at the bar. sorry everyone.


dan plunkitt came to town for a few days.

he tailslide this rail with 12 feet of roll up.

went to raleigh for a blood money premiere. after party. robs face is in rare form. (if you havent bought a copy of blood money yet, do it. im broke)

i went into tackle mode at some point with people i dont remember, and my brand new hat got game over’d.

me and travis climbed a 25 story tower in a construction zone.

shot of raleigh form the top.

the next day rob and cesspool got some lengthy frontside and backside tailslides, respectivly.

then we went swimming.

cess vamped

rob dove.

ive become a connoisseur of the urban turban

we went to a lakehouse in bear lake a couple weeks ago. starting it off.

the guy in the wife beater is lame.

probably hating something

kegstands, why not

jerk got 32 seconds

ross, victor of the night, got 34

a few of us stayed up thill well past sunrise. what youre seeing right now is more than likely how it looked to me as well.


ross loves freedom

most vegan unfriendly breakfast ever

dylan took the canoe out

foulmouth jerk is like myself, an enemy of the sun,

jerk, tossed from the tube. hard.

ross also won the tubing comp. he stayed on so long nate just took the boat to the dock. we were out of beer and sick of watching ross win. were bitter like that.

we drove the boat out to one of the dopest waterfalls ive ever been to. even the trail there was cool.

thats some of our friends standing at the bottom. it was close to 200 feet tall.

party on

no homo. well, maybe some. its ok.

second night, there was a lot of beers shotgunned.

then a dance party.

and suprise faces

me and kayce got matching neck tats at broadways not long ago

then hardy got photos of me passing out at the bar. step 1

step 2

step 3. wake up confused and scared.

ross birthday was 2 weeks ago.

jerk probably said something funny


morgan won best party accessory.

red white and blue

rory and jacob tore up the dance floor.


step 1

step 2

the young cats were in full effect that night.

i then spent the rest of the night in jail. i might have to go back for a while. if youre gonna write on people walls, dont get caught.