im back bitches. my camera keeps dying at opportune moments. i wish i had photos later in the evening from most of these events, but this is what i got.

going stir crazy

me casa


new years was hella fun. we hosted this swank ass boutique party as the dj, hype-men, and security of the party.

logan and morgan were the djs.

they played all the jams.

these two carolina gentlemen were the hype-men.

all the time, to the max

shit was real upscale

cesspool came to town. that was tight.

usual suspect

dylan throwin it up for beaver dam

alex had just moved back from SF. because its more fun here. (FACE).

shit was real fun. HYPE.

fuck resoloutions

mandatory knuck tats. to the max & fuck yall.

later on in the year. ballin. (remix)

my life

went to fix this 12 stair rail. shits butters except the roll up.


misc party 1

it coincided with wilders birthday. this was him with his lady-friend for the night.

then we just went crazy. this dude whose house it was was kinda bummed cause we were in stupid mode. kinda broke some stuff. sorry man. we didnt steal the i pods though. i swear. we dont roll like that.

then betsy showed up and shit got even crazier.

she brought our friend jose. he made us even dumber.

there was a lot of these hidden around the house.

bojangles at 7:01 AM (they open at 7) before the cab ride home. i had to pay the cabbie in quarters. my fault man. $15 in quarters is kind of a bitch, but im not paying him extra to drive me to an ATM.

the hot spot next to my house has man flavored blunts, apparently

mike learned over noseblunts on this semi-hubba

opportune photo moments.

rep yo’ shit

we had an artshow last weekend. this was me getting my prints and frames m ade 3 hours before the show. semi-stress.

ted setting up

the main artist and his artwork.

chris glunt and his son cameron showed up. that was the shit. rep your old families. all the respect in the world. concussion for life.

stolen lights

eric mitchell also made it out. all the homies were in effect, except for the ones who rolled to tampa (hunt, justin, jacob, rorey, and wilder). they missed out.

alex couldnt find a napkin. he went mcguyver and just used a plate.

ty drove out from raleigh

surprise photos always turn out cool

mike fixed it with a tender make out


1st afterparty at flying frog. chilled there for a while, got stupid faded.

second afterparty at my house. my wonderful roommates.

dylan, again reppin beaver dam, and morgan donned one of hardys wigs.

homies. ty tied a tie for me out of a shoe string. ty tied a tie.

morgan made out with a sock puppet. for a while.

dance party number two, the pance darty.

early on, before 100 people showed up and shit got real hype. my camera battery died and i dont have any photos to show. im kinda upset about it. stories for days.

ty in goodwill, before leaving town and thus, ending this post. many mroe photos to come soon, as i have a battery charger again. expect more.