a very abridged post of the 800 photos ive taken over the past few weeks. maybe ill post more some other time.

thanksgiving dinner at kims folks

belleme and i decided this photo was my artistic expression of how the world distorts your perception of reality. or something. something arty.

nothing to do on a saturday night? wwfs in town? now you have something to do.

hunt was in super rare form. like molnar said, he really likes wild turkey now.

go team


high five deny

high five make. jerry “the king” lawler

high flyin action

we got stickers on this guy when he walked by. he didnt notice and rocked push skateshop stickers for the rest of the night.

skated a bucket

ted rips

molnars got handstands

broom flips

lets go to a pool

this was a good idea for 4 seconds

i think half of teds house got broke that night. we apologozed everytime we broke something, but he was chill about it. hed just say “nah dude, its all good”, pick up his board, fall, and break something else. i guess all his stuff he put a ton of work into is in a gallery right now. probably for the better.

more photos later? maybe. there are a lot more.