easy squeeze

first photo on my new camera.

went bowling with my new roomate hardy the other day. she bowls in a league. it was a little bit awkward for me because i got real high before i went and had a mild panic attack.

hardys team used to be the bowl pack, but that team disbanded and now theyre the ball wizards.

there was a lot of strange people there.


saki. my buddy ross invented a drink where you drop a cup of saki in to a budweiser. its called the pearl harbor.

ted had an art show after the large quantity of saki. my camera died so i didnt get many photos. the usual suspects were there though.

teds artwork is always amazing. i had seen this one being peiced together over the last few months, but i had never seen it fully assembled. fucking awesome.

we went to see joan jet the other night. it was really, really funny.

her guitarist was the worst guy ever. i got in trouble for hitting him with things while he was playing. fuck that dude.

this picture pretty much explains the show. there was a handful of people under 30 there, but most were 50+. it was awkward.


good night cleveland. she was pretty mad when she left the stage because between every song we were yelling “heartbreaker” “love is a battlefeild” and “barracuda”. she didnt think it was as funny as we did.

mike got a free haircut at “great clips” the other day. it kind of reminds me of…


i almost got to keep this cat. my roomate ronnie said he wasnt really into it though. i had a name picked out for her and everything. i was going to call her flatspot. she was hyper.


werewolves in london

the name they say is runnin the game

i got a new camera. im about to take back over the #1 spot.

lock up your daughters and/or attractive mothers.


i keep finding old photos.



mountain man

a while back i posted something about a decrepid refrigerator. found some photos of the inside.



i think i posted one similar to this, but it was out of the “throw away but im a pack rat so keep forever” shoe box. this was the better one.

crawford in the background


mad incriminating photo

a long time ago i was at prichard park while this guy was washing his hair in the fountain. he saw my camera and told me to take some photos of him. afterwards he gave me some scripture he had written, coincedentally on the back of a penitentiary release form, dated to the previous day. i tried to keep the scripture, but he asked for it back.

halloween 200666

since i didnt have a camera on halloween, ill just cap off some things i remember

*hillbombing with ross to the house
*sports coat
*richie tenembaum
*13 months preggers but loaded
*phone calls
* “party on chestnut is a hippie party, fuck that shit”
*200 people
*box of tampons
*vodka with heinz
*no cover charge for us
*kegs are gone, mores on the way
*15 foot tall moving skeletal frames of dinosaurs that were operatied with playstation controllers
*more beer arrives
*face punch
*ruin every photo
*molnar made out with pippi longstocking
*tackle RJ and justin
*gunther “its a no no, but i like it”
*loud noises
*this is the blakcout section where i dont remember much
*”everybodys going to yetis”
*drive to yetis, on the way there molnar ditches the car cause hes too drunk.
*stop to get food.
*make it to yetis, everyones gone.
*call jacob, hes going to bed.
*kim didnt answer her phone.
*erics tire pops.
*1 1/2 hours spent jacking car up.
*spare is too small.
*AAA sucks
*$50 on tow truck.
*6AM sleep.