yeah mine. rad.

yesterday was alex and ronnie macs going away party. theyre moving out to SF via a car, so all the west coasters should be seeing them in about a week.

kim has a blue jay.

al blisterfist, headed west.

vegan BBQ. yeah bryan, i ate vegan. you should be proud.

it was around this time that a heated game of volleyball cause my camera to break…somehow. the teams were like 10 on 10, and most of us didnt know the rules to volleyball, so we just tried to keep it in the air as much as possible…though a couple bounces on the ground were permissable. most people were playing one handed because they didnt want to put their beverage down. all the people lurking on the porch said it looked like a bunch of special ed kids in gym class.

it was only the LCD that broke though, so i could still take pictures and hope they turned out later.


somehow we ended up arm wrestling

biba V molnar.

recycled ideas

we accidently aided in skateboarding sucking a little more today. im pretty ashamed of myself.

rory and molnar were on set to film a commercial about recycling. apparently skateboarders are really into that sort of thing. hunt and myself showed up later in the day and ended up signing some release forms and now were going to be in the commercial too. the only reason i did it was because i thought i was going to get 100 bones out of it. i was wrong. molnar said he was gonna kick me a few bucks out of his benjamin.

molnar and rory had to be on set at 830 AM. this photo was taken at 430 PM. molnars face pretty much sums up how we all felt about the experience. but we got paid. checks in the mail.

“cue skateboards…action!”

these were the actors hired to play skateboarders. i hate every single one of them.


actual lines being recited
(punchdrunk stoned surfer voices)
“duuuude…recycling is…so hoooot….”

we rigged together a ramp because they wanted some “air shots”. these shots consisted of nothing but the air with a skateboarder flying through it. some of the crew guys mimicked our sweet airs while they were checking the shot compositions. funny.

the whole day people were coming out of this sketchy little alley room that you had to say some kind of password to get into. these were two of them.

directors chair.

air shots

recycled light air shots

after all was said and done, we ended up at the skatepark. little sam embraced his heritage and made a spitfire yamika out of his hat.

jacob, tombstone wallie 180

then everyone did fly outs. air shots.

well, molnar tried.

justin learned sack taps

jacob ended it with a christ air…shot.


i need a of camera. a couple of them, actually.