the nothing

these are some random photos that are on my computer for one reason or another. some new, some old…some may have been seen before on other websites. but who cares. they still make me laugh.

these two assholes

say what you will

still pretty into beer

from our trip to cali a few years ago. i think during that timeframe was when the idea of a website for all of us first got tossed around. i could be wrong, but i dont think am.

still laugh everytime

eric hunt and his beard. its been a while since his face hair has acheived such glory.

SF has winners too

self portrait

long story

couldnt tell you

jakes one of my best friends. hes a crazy kid. keeps me laughin.

jessy britton


i dont even know the time frame on this one. anywhere from two weeks ago to two years ago.

ty gets really red when he drinks. he and julien brought up a bottle of whiskey from winston.

dirty south

pain dont hurt

the fuck?


freedom lover

killed for less

though it was made in 3 minutes at 4am when i was on tiltmode, this is still my favorite thing ive ever made on photoshop.

made thizz face


been livin it up here on west coast for a few days. im so fucking sick of walking but other than that its been fun. these are some photos from random events before i came out to SF.

there was a fistfam show a while back. it was fun.

these assholes were there

j easy and his moustache

jacob wiles out sometimes. othertimes, not so much.

been declared

beautiful people

william hung was there. he did this dance for 3 hours straight.

it was an all age show so there was a lot of this.

i got suuper drunk and walked home at some point. i found this photo on my camera the next day. sorry if this is your car.

you fucker

ted, alex and a few people i dont know very well painted this mural in west asheville. shits dope.


there was sort of an “opening” for it one night. street lurkin.

mike showed up on his bike that he bought off a bum for $20

some of the artists artin’

the gas up was out of brown bags, so they gave us our beer in dairy queen bags.


then there was belle chere. wild in the streets.

games to play

im tired of being alive

im sitting next to matt mercer, hes telling a story, and he just said “im not gonna front, he had nice ass legs”

more photos…

there was a contest that weekend, rory won with tuck-knees.

we got our photo taken with carolina panther cheerleaders. they were so bummed.


you tell’em

sports played at belle chere. it ruled.

the lead singer of sports, claire, got in a fight with some chick in the audience. all the tourists were so confused. after the show they destroyed the courtyard, broke all the bottles in the area and flipped all the tables over and threw them all over the place. see this months “broken branches” for a photo.

we were over the downtown scene so we got a bunch of beer and took it to the skatepark.

i tried to puke into the big bowl, but i couldnt do it. just a lot of spittle.

i was going to submit this to last months broken branches for “perfect” but i was housesitting with no access to a computer.

i was house sitting/dog sitting this dog, lazer. she chewed on this hammer a lot. she is a rad dog with rad owners.

i got you all in check

i watched this special on the lords of chaos while i was housesitting. i guess i got kinda psyched on it.

i was going to submit this to “perfect” too.

izzy can fuckin rock the harmonica

bishop and eric just moved to charlotte. it sucks and they are missed.

i went to a party at the wedge, and my fucking 10th grade science teacher was there. awwwkward moments.

cali is fun, but ill be home soon and im kind alooking foward to it.