cee lolympics

the other night we hosted a cee lo tournament. its was a $5 buy in, one on one games, losers money goes into a pot to be taken home by the overall victor.

additional rules.

a ton of people showed up. emily wouldnt miss it.

football had just got done racin RC cars.

ross was lookin kinda rough. he lost in the tournament, but came up big in the side games.

ted. fierce.

zulo drove all the way from raleigh.

kim and jessy. kim modeled in a fashion show that day and had a second run on the following day, so she had to leave all her sequins on and sleep on her back.



nemash muggin

mike came prepared

even rob and linden made it out. that was rad.

there was some prelims before the tourney ball got rollin.

then shit got serious.

there was five or six games going on at all times. so many cheers of joy and wails of defeat at once all throughout the house.

weeding out the losers.

you can tell by the look in my eyes that i dont remember this photo being taken.

counting up the pot.

$100 skrillz nukkuh


all the while there were side games going on amungst the losers.


after i lost in the first few rounds, nemash appointed me his manager. we took it to the top.

manangers get 20%

everything was good for a few hours after the tourney, then a fight broke out in the front yard with some bottles over heads and some other bullshit. it went on for like 30 minutes, and i guess the neighbors got scared that there was 50 people out in the streets fighting, so they called the police.

i know molnar wont agree, but i dont think the police should ever be involved. there were 5 cops roaming through the house kicking people out.

then me and john ended the night at waffle house at 5AM. and it was good.

the next day myself, my friend jake who had recently flown in from colorado, kim, and a couple old friends went to bobby morgans lake house. we flagged down these people to take us tubing, but the old playbouy kept breaking so we just gave up.

we did jump off the boathouse though

after a long day/night of floating miles into the lake and drinking beer, we headed over to the beach for a campfire. nemash accidently wore his good shoes and bagged them up.

bobby and jake

a few of my best friends from over the years, campfire, lake, and a couple Ls. life is good. and youll probably never hear me say that again.

cliff faller

it gets hot here, with the humidity and all. too hot to do much else than go swimming. so we do. a lot.

bryan should recognize this spot. it pretty much rules. molnar tributes bryan with a tweaked vamp.

then he flipped.

mike mentioned the other day that we went to a spot that bryan got gnar on. mike 3/4-gnars and jumps from 3/4 way up. bryan went full-gnar and jumped from the very top. from either 3/4 or full, you have to clear 13 feet across from a standing still position just to not hit the rocks. gnar.

molnar got 3/4-gnar as well.

yes that is a pabst tatoo. whatchuknowaboutdat?

rob tried to look sensual while eating blackberries, but really he just looked stoned.

we picked up this hitchhiker on the way out. turns out he had just locked his keys in his car and needed a ride to his house. he did not try to kill us.

we went to eat afterwards. molnar accidently ordered the wuss beer.


stone cold.


we went swimming at triple falls in the morning time. it was super fun.

we had hike/climb about a mile of rockfaces like this to get to the top.

sometimes it was just straight rock climbing.

pretty treacherous. you fall you die.

we got cool veiws like these though.

we swam here for a long time. it had the funnest water slide. this lady demonstrates, but she was probably going slow. she always went slow. me and belleme got it down and would take full running starts before jumping into the slide.

we were supposed to make our way to another waterfall that you could jump off of, like 20 feet or so, but it started thunderstorming so we thought it best to go back to the car.

time to celebrate.


we went downtown to see the fireworks and such. there was probably 10000 people out and about. this band was playing “sexual healing” when we arrived.

jimmy davis was chillen.

brian tried to kiss this girl and she got super pissed and was all “dont do that”.

her snake was not so agro. it barely even moved. snakes are boring.

this guy got pretty upset when i took his picture.

this person didnt seem to mind. go figure.

this guys back made these faces.

manditory. we left before the fireworks got good though because apparently we HAD to go to hardys and drink beer, and i reluctantly obliged. i wish i would have stayed downtown for a while longer. we ran out of beer a few hours later, and that definitely couldnt have been postponed by 30 minutes. that would have just ruined everyones night.

you have to wear sunglasses when you watch fireworks. fireworks are harmful to your eyes, so the jokes on everybody else.


“did you just take my picture??”
“no my cameras broken.”

as mentioned before we went to hardys and a good time was had by all. no photos though. my fault.

my two cents

my battery died so i dont have very many photos of the birthday blowout. ill keep it short. there was a whole lot of people there, but somehow me and molnar managed to make it seem like there was about 7 or so. thats called talent.



belleme got some perfume.

ted got a picture of a pirate…

then 25 lashings with a spatula.

bishop, often commenting but seldom blogged.

kim and julia. i hadnt seen julia in a while, so that was fun.


i think she slept on the porch.