sorry i like 2 party

i know its lame. sorry i cant get arty. but hey, i do like to party.

this was some of galan and teds artwork from the last push show. they found them on the way to set everything up, spraypainted them, and made them immortal. (calm down PETA, the birds were dead when galan and ted found them)

galans hand caught on fire a while back. the upper half of his hand is skin from his thigh.

but now he gets to rock this bithcin glove.

i saw in vice magazine that shakefaces are SO out, but smush faces are cool now. linden and april trailblaze.

ok, one more shake face. but thats it.

this is what i was trying to do in that last one. belleme has a good camera that can perform feats mine can only dream of, so he went about it proper. he took the next couple of photos. ill put that out there so he doesnt get all “hey i took those!”. im pretty into pentagrams right now

hella guns, bitches

rob, first try, and he didnt even know what was going on. mike was just like “draw something with that light” and this happened. amazing.

step 1

step 2

step 3

we held a conclave, molnar came out on top

ryan had this dog he was trying to find a home for. i forgot what his original name was, but i renamed him lazer. ryans folks up in new york ended up adopting him. they kept the name, which made me feel all warm inside.

kristen got her nails did

a couple days ago yeti, alex, gus, football, and ross had an art show at push. these were the only photos i got for some reason. there was way more.

all the time, to the max, never stop.

yeti and ross argued about the “lean wit it rock wit it” dance

afterwards we went to this girls house for the after party. shit got hype. not too many photos to speak of though. the person on the left is my homie duncan from way back that i never get to see anymore. it was really cool he made it out.

of course, there was dice. when isnt there?

then last night hardy had a big party. before things got hyphie she danced with yeti.

i was utilizing my kangaroo pouch.

this is the reading material hardy has on her coffee table.

i was taking a photo and out of know where a bottle cap hit my teeth. thanks murk.

molnar and sam. what a bunch of wusses.

i went to pee in the street and while i was handling my buisness this cat got friendly. he almost got too friendly which would have resulted in a new fur color.

art by molnar and yeti

sometimes you just gotto draw

philo and murk, always freestylin

this charming man. you dont realize how badly i wish that was my real hair and not a wig.


who do you think you are

“i smell dope”
“no you dont”
cops can be so full of themselves.

we skated amboy and this woman left us with her kid for an hour or so. he took some spills but eventually he could push around comfortably. it was really cool to watch.

molnar got ice cream to cool down

this was the joke on the stick. classic.


i generally dont cut rolelrbladers any slack, but when its a 65 year old woman its kind of hard to hate.

then we skated reynolds for a bit. molnar found a desk and naturally went to this position when he sat down in it. creatures of habit.

first off fuck yo’ bitch and the click you claim…


we went to a serpents/caltrop/luctrative oscar show. this is luctrative oscar. they were pretty good, as far a punk rock goes. they were the only punk band of the night. the rest was just pure, amazing metal. i still dont know why sometimes when i take a picture it gets these wierd borders.

then they went loco

even courtney made it to the show. that was cool.

you WILL do a shake face

this is caltrop. i cant describe how much they ruled. theyre from chapel hill and i hope they come back this way very soon.

between sets i gave josh the worst rambo lace

it actually broke the lace, so i had to give him one of mine.

SERPENTS setting up. serpents is my friends tony and crawfords band. tony is also the drummer for descolada, one of my other favorite bands.

wall of speakers. serpents is the loudest band on earth.


at this point the whole place was shaking and dust was falling from the ceiling

greg was feeling it

josh was really feeling it

actually everyone there was feeling it. i think this was when they were asked to cut it a little short because it was too loud. they handed out 80 sets of earplugs, but we didnt use them. my ears are still kinda ringing.

dirty deeds

so we were on our way to the rope swing the other day…

when emily got in her first wreck with this guy. more damage was done to emilys car than his, and he barely spoke english. she gave him her information anyways, but she hasnt heard back from him since.


we went camping last night, and while there was much to speak of, ill keep it short since bryan hates nature now.

josh, shortly before passing out.


its been way too chill around here lately. lazy summer days. finishing the video is leaving little time to do much, but i still manage to make it out of the house.

this is the corner store. its less than a block away from the pad. we should get frequent pabst points or something. 3 or 4 times a day at least.

yeah were in a great neighborhood.

this is one of my new dogs. her name is Hella. shes much bigger now.

this is my other new dog. his name is Steak.

if they arent beating the shit out of each other, they sleep like this all day. pretty fuckin adorable.

kristens cat is fierce.

kristen is equally so.

i was trying to get a photo of the biggest woman id ever seen, but not be too obvious i was taking a picture of her. you can see about 1/3 of her behind me.

i have no idea how the photo ended up with those crazy borders, but kevin shaved his head too. thats almost the whole push team.

push skateshop, if you havent been introduced. that is probably not the proudest moment in any of our lives.

mirror me

tried to get arty with kristen. almost worked.

the next bunch is hazy. i remember at the beginning of the night this dude john (that i had never met before…more on him later) said there was this awesome party and we should go. alright..head out

sams is obsessed with the 50s. he has to be greased up properly before leaving the house.

casey is one of the most badass people i know. i dont often throw around the term badass, either.

we show up to this amazing house, completely secluded, miles back in the woods, fully equiped with a 50 foot pool, hot tub, billiards, ping bong, everything, the works. what john had failed to mention to anyone was that it was a high school gradutation party. why he thought it would be a good idea…i couldnt tell you. we walk in and i think someones older brother had a beer. everyone else was drinking pepsi and capri suns. myself, casey, sam, john, and his little brother all have more 40s than we can comfortably carry. you could hear the needle peel off the record. awwwkward moments.

horny highschoolars. the parents were defiently trying to get the late bloomers laid that night. john concluded thats why we were asked to leave. he kept saying “were just too damn pretty”. i have no idea how he justified that.

the mom said we could stay as long as we were “chill”.

the dad felt differently and told us we should be on our way. he followed us to the door to make sure we didnt try anything sneaky.

john was intent on spitting game to someone, so he got in a last ditch on the way to the door.

we ended up chilling on some kids car trying to figure out where to go next. why on earth would you kick this motley crue out of a highschool graduation party? beyond me.

this girl gave me a high five, and shortly thereafter her boyfriend was trying to kick johns ass. while john could have easily ruined that guy with his fists, he instead threatened to shoot him…big fiasco…bullshit. hella guns whatever. we drove away from the party with like 15 dudes running after the car and john hanging out of the window screaming about how he was going to kill their mothers or something. if i had one of those reversable krux shirts on, it would have definitely been on the “im not feeling it” side.

on the way out our old friend jimmy mead (bryan knows) called us to go to this other party. we showed up and this was the only photo i got there before being asked to leave that one as well. we cant go anywhere.

we ended up back at jimmys house. casey, still badass. t shirt switched around to “im feeling it” now.

jimmy had this skeletal hand stencil that ended up being manditory if you wanted to stay.

it looked pretty tough.

sam broke out the guitar.

jimmy had a cowbell.

the lyrics being sang right now are probably either “hack the heads of little girls and hang them on my wall” or “because i want (bom bom) a girl (bom bom) to call (bom bom) my own”. we jammed for a good while.

fireworks can be such a bad idea sometimes

john and his cousin ended up play fighting/fight fighting. this situation could have very well started out with “when you gonna gimmie them shoes”, but i dont remember. after this i was trying to find a folding chair to “put in its grave” but jimmy wasnt feeling me breaking any of his furniture. t shirt would be back on the “im not feeling it” side again.

all fun and games

bishop, you own me $2, a ride, and whiskey.


this kid came flying by when i was walking back from the coner store

that night we went to a party that sucked. a lot of frat boys high fiving each other while they said “alpha whatever frat is IN THE HOUSE”

but some homies were there. this is jon.



the cops showed up because there was way too many people for the quiet suburban neighborhood, so we went back to sams. i stickered the fridge before we left.

the kid on the right is like 14 and had to go to church in a few hours with his grandmother. this is the first beer he ever chugged. he handled it.

sams a creep

the next day, skating up to push

rob makes this face all day cause he wants to go skate instead of answering questions like “which board has the best pop?”

but when we did hunt hit his face

i hurt my knee

and my face

hella guns

me and mike sparred

then he noseblunted this ledge again

promo copy of blood money, secret screening for push riders only. molnars 60 in screen TV is rad.

waiting for the rest of the team to show

after the video we went to the bar. we played nudie games for a minute.

i had to get in on the nudie blogs

killed it on some trivia.

the guy behind eric kept asking him if the shirt he was wearing was for the band tool. eric just made this face while this guy talked about how much he liked tool.

tough as fuck

i hate myself