i lost my camera for a week or two so i missed some epic moments. whatever. these are some randoms to pooly make up for my lack of photo journalism.

after some near fisticuffs at a different watering hole, me and erich broke out to go play darts at charlotte street.

this was his first shot. asshole.

“i drink whiskey and bacardi, i sold dope to anybody” – afroman

i realized i didnt have a legitimate myspace mirror photo, so i took one. i dont see what all the fuss is about.

finale darts score. so close but so far.

molnar found his first four leaf clover the other day, and then i found my first shortly thereafter.

kill you in your sleep

this is what my VX sees. bryan, name that spot.

every so often belleme wont land his trick. rare, but it happens. this makes him sad.

well i want to punch god in the face

eric mitchell, best tattoo ever. “they call us problem child, we spend our life on trial”


rory grillin

rory ollied the rail a few times to get a feel before getting his grind on.

this woman was on her was on her way to somewhere unknown but got distracted by the sight of a kid jumping down handrails. she decided to drink her 12 pack in the parking lot and enjoy the show.

“dont get that close, i aint that pretty” – her

mckenzie made his offer to her, but she wasnt having it. she also wouldnt give him a beer. beleive it or not mckenzie is actually 20. he eats off the kids menue whenever we go out to eat though.

quality coming soon, i swear.

stompin bones

sometimes, you just have to take a couple cases of pabst into the graveyard next to your house.

we were sitting on the stoops in front of this mosileum, enjoying some adult sodas, when i took a picture of it. immidiatly following the flash there was a very loud knock from inside. no joke. it sounded like metal on metal. get creeeepy.

molnar heard it too. it caused him to make this face.

thomas wolfe is buried in the graveyard somewhere. we wandered for hours trying to find his grave. no such luck. i did, however, find the wilsons.

then a ghost punched me in the face

and molnar became possesed

i swear i took more picutres, but for some reason this is all i have. i dont remember all that much, honestly. i do remember the knock though.