youve probably seen it before but still…

1-2 punch

we did our best to take advantage of easter sunday and everything being closed. we still managed to get kicked out of most places though.

we started out at vance. rep yo shit.

zulo and lil sam


as stated, i hate my camera

but it still works

posted up

hunt not make

hunt make

while we were filming, cassandra did her best marilyn

dow, 1st casualty

then we skated city hall for a while. i think every trick ever went down.

kevin, 2nd casualty

then we went to skate this weird gap in the courtyard, but we got kicked out. zulo ollied this other gap on the way out as an act of defiance.

molnar wussed

then we tried a whole slew of spots, none of which worked out

asheville school rails: kicked out

ab tech 7 stair side walk…

but this was the roll up

enka rail: kicked out

ended up back at vance to figure out what to do next. the answer?


the next day was mical swetts 26th b-day. he came up from ATL and we went camping.

hunt went firewood hunting, came back with an armfull…amidst many ghosts

nemash and his hat came prepared

nemash also brought his dog, rudy.

first things first

best things second

birthday blunts

john “i dont smoke weed anymore” molnar even got in on it. represent boi.

the rest of the night was kinda hazy. i dont really have stories for these photos.

the next morning nemash woke everyone up with his 9mm alarm clock. shit was too fun. lets do it again next year. or tommorow.


i was going to post a easter sunday all day session blog, but it ended up being pretty uneventful after the first hour or two. maybe ill do it later. eh…