back then

I was cleaning my room and found this old shoebox full of photos I had set aside to be thrown away. I started looking at a few and ended up going through the entire box. They brought back so many memories. Some of these are really old, from when I was 14. I think a good deal of these were taken on disposable cameras.

glory daze

judging by the length of his hair, this could easily have been taken within the first few days i met molnar.

im not sure the timeframe on this one, but im sure this is long before that hubba was ever waxed

mike belleme, ollie at NC state circa 2002ish

this is one of my dogs. his name is puppy.

his name is flip

Drone Ants will walk all day looking for food for their queen

eric hunt

belleme eating a banana. possibly the oldest photo in the bunch.

i wanna rock

hunt and ty. hunt without any facial hair, making this at least 3 years old.

fireworks from new years, 2000.

racing to the next party. new years, 2000.

cesspool, fakie flip in chapel hill, circa 2003.

ty, 5-0 up and across, circa 2003.

i remember being so bummed we got kicked out. look at that spot.

cesspool and eric craw

wes tout


landmarks in time

if you only knew

nemash patel…charlie brown

jon jones

mike swett, ollie at NC state, circa 2003. this was the first trick in the longest line ever.

swett and travis kp lived in the trifest house ever for about a year.

this was the moving in night. myself, travis, swett, justin brock, and ty just got wasted and decided it would be a good idea to knock out this wall to make room for a mini-ramp. this was as far as we got.

this fridge had been in the house (with no electricity) for a couple years. we all threw up when it was opened. apparently the person had just stocked up on groceries before abandoning it. we duct taped it closed and left warning to the garbage man.

ty and brock.

when youre a freshman in high school, nothing makes you happier than waking up to go to school and seeing this.

55 stair rail in landrum, NC, still yet to be conquered, though swett almost made it to the bottom. circa 2002.

boot camp. nick and wes were probably around 13 in this photo. which would make me about 16 taking it.

gas stations in south carolina

rory mulholland, nosegrind, first try, durham NC circa 2003.

this shits been around forever, and its not going away.

kims camera

these are all photos from kims camera, but i think i use her camera as much as she does. most of these were taken by me, excpet maybe the ones of me…she probably took those.

this is the birthday cake jessy and kim made me. it also doubled as a “good art show” cake for yeti and alex. best birthday cake ever.

this is jessy. shes happy here.

she may have been happy here…i cant tell

this is one of their cats, gumbo. shes a lot fatter than she looks in this picture.

this is the other cat, jolene. shes a party girl.

i kick cats

duff was sad

“a tractor!” – them

danielle was not into the tractor

i think we were trying to figure out a gang sign for ourselves?

kim was medusa for halloween

jessy was a frenchman

my lack of planning led to this t shirt and a “tammy” tattoo (courtesy of yeti) being my only costume.

someone asked crawford what he was supposed to be, to which he shrugged and said “andy mcdowell”

then he did this to prove it

alex and his finger

alex and his beer

made this face

some dudes form indiana came into town today. we skated.

the day started out at the park, but this place blows so i gave it a thumbs down and bitched till we left

we skated reynolds for a while. tricks went down but i was too busy skating to blog. molnar made this face when he messed up backside 5-0s

craw backed into a tree. oops.

then we went to the crappy hubba. everyone made these faces when they saw it.

timand hunt made these faces when we set up lights to get our film on.

while they were setting up, i made this face when i cave man noseblunted this ledge

then i caveman noseslide the hubba with camera in hand.

media frenzy. two of the guys from indy had 3 chips, so with mine the count was three different 3 chips, a photog takin illy photos, and i was blogging as well as filming.

eric made this face cause he didnt feel like skating

but then he front nosed it

then he made this face

i forgot this kids name, but he made this blurry face when he did a 5-0. sorry for forgetting, brah.

tim making the filmer face in the bushes getting angles

somehow i always end up with a beer in hand, even at obscure skatespots. this was what it looked like when i looked down at it.

craw fell and got jesus palms

he made this face afterwards

we tried to skate this manual pad (you can kinda see it on the left) but then cops rolled up. fuck the po.

then we went back home and chilled for a while. everyone made these faces.

video nerds nerding out, making video nerd faces.

our friends from indiana left for florida. me and hunt realized we had to work the next day and made these faces

then i went back to my 40. he was angry and made this face. you cant see it, but its there. shit aint free, son.