Another camera made it into my life, a point and shoot. Looks like I smeared the lens (with butter?) in a few…. jesus. And my faithful canon A1 has suffered much abuse under my “care,” evidenced by the odd light leaks that sneak in at times. Here is a collection of moments bookending this fall. September and December; NY and CA.

Lulu. Breakfast.

A proud and mischevious huntress.

My bounty.

Bolinas Lagoon, by myself on my bike.

On the other side waited a friend, a heaping plate of caramelized sweet potatoes, and egg-thieving raccoons.

Surveying the surf. It was cold.

RMHett, being a boss back in September.

Improvising a microwaved dinner in the Plattsburgh, NY Econolodge.

Salvation! Found friends at Fledging Crow Farm. Harvested and processed vegetables, played bingo afterwards. It was one of those cup-overflowing afternoons.

Great washstation setup.

Rando Adirondack hikers. Nice bros that smoked me out not pictured.

En route to a morning surf with Sean!

From within the belly of the Space Ace.

Paul and mom prepare for a Christmas dinner.

Oh yes. Here’s to a new year.