A few weeks ago I had the great luck to be invited to an amazing wedding, epic in the overwhelming love of the gathered families, generosity of the hosts, and talented musicians present. I am grateful to have been welcomed, as a total stranger, to a celebration that illustrated the power of communities forging bonds across international and racial boundaries. Thank you, Habib and Jessica (and of course Matt, without whom I wouldn’t have been there in the first place). I danced joyously and without reservation to music that I hold very close to my heart. *

*which is why I didn’t take many pictures


“Are you like an enchanted thing? A damn story where some girl lets a warty old toad sleep in her shoe and in the mornin the toad’s a good lookin dude makin omelettes?”

Loving the island I’m on, The Crossing, and also B.A.S.S. – 1999.

Duck in the plucker (it’s dead).

This kid is not messing around.

Betsy showed us the legit way, with a draft horse.

Kiwi flowers