camera returns!

you all are probably sick of it, but I will never tire of taking pictures of people i love, especially around dinner tables.

This is what breakfast at my house looks like.

This is what fancy drinks look like. This one even tasted really good.

This is what May looks like after she’s had too much fancy drink.

My mom picked this trick up from a gypsy in Turkmenistan.

Window? Veil into a parallel universe?

We drink tea like nobody’s business.

Too many fancy drinks later, we set fire to the table and left the establishment shortly afterward.


Got the camera fixed, but now the scanner is broke. Managed to get one picture in.

If this ain’t love, then I don’t know what is.

hi blog

long-ass time no see. i have been without a working camera all semester. here’s a little fall reminder:

A bunch of favourite things in that picture: two people I love, the color green, persimmons…

Unbreakable BFF-persimmon love triangle.