Big Sur on a Sunday

Being a five-day-a-week working stiff is good and bad, in that I have less free time, but more money, and more appreciation for the time I do have to myself. Thus weekend trips are super neccessary to maintain sanity (see portland blog below). Toured the Big Sur part of the coast for a day with the mom and our friend Mindaugis, it was “gloriosky,” as Mindy would say.

First stop: the restaurant Nepenthe, named after an ancient drug to make you forget your sorrows. It’s been sitting on the same cliff spot since 1949.

I really like the building.

Hippies probably made this phoenix.


Momma, deep in conversation.

This is definitely going on the back cover of his autobiography.

A crow! Scratching! Crows are great.

Perfect little beach with the most azure waters since the carribean, I swear.

So old timey.

Corrugated tunnel.

It’s not summer without watermelon (and a damn good one, too).

Homeward bound, post beauteous hike to amazing waterfall in the redwoods.

May was adventuring in the northwest, and I joined her in the fair city of Portland. It was hot, we ate donuts, spoke in funny accents, went to a fair and ate lots of greasy foods, rediscovered agrophobia, and layed around under various greenery. It was a good two days. Shoutouts (i feel that it’s somehow neccessary to use that awful word) to Nicole, Valori, and the rest of the lovely girls in that wonderful house, and to Charlie for the last minute am housing hookup.

Eesh roshes in de rosh garden. Ver’ prrety. (we fell asleep in some shrubbery)

All of the film I was using was from the 90’s, and the grainyness makes everything look like it was forty years ago (i could even say 1920’s for this one).

The MAX by the zoo…hurrah for public transport. It took us maybe two hours to find our way there; apparently we can’t read maps.

Sixties time warp.

It was pretty spiky in my mouf.

May has a ghost twin.

Starting here is backwards on the second day: going to the airport (I missed my flight, never doing that again. Couldn’t leave Powell’s).

Voodoo dougnuts! So good, so sugary the ol’ teeth darn near fell out.

Soft grasses up in that other park that’s not Washington that’s on the east side.

Man this whole roll is a sixties time warp.

You can’t tell, but these flowers were really bright.


Geese! The Willamette is really dirty looking. I can’t believe people fish there.

Ferris wheel, the first moments of fear.

Clutching on for dear life.

So many cool things to find on the curbs of Portland…plus little horses tied up everywhere.

Delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, leftovers from that really good vegan place, homemade jam, and of course the company of beautiful women.


i love summer.