The People Issue

My family is crazy, or rather goofy, at least when they’re happy. I love them lots. One of my goals in life is to retain a certain childish free-spiritedness no matter how old I get, cos being stuffy, crabby, and mean ain’t no fun. Hope you all had a good Christmas, family or no.

This homeless guy seemed to be friends with all the caf

Kiev 6S

My grandmother used to be a photographer for the russian equivalent of NASA. The last time I was in Russia she gave me her old medium format camera, which I’ve been alternately wanting to play with/forgetting about. The other day Danilo and I finally did it justice and shot some pics with the hope that they would come out.

There were some odd mistakes.

One half of the infamous Parra duo.

Not half of anything (except maybe crazy).

This one is my favourite.

I’m so stoked on this camera.

Jungles and Pretty Girls

This is a short one. Walks in the rain, smoking hookah, and one last breakfast.

May and I both have this thing for persimmons. It’s almost like a fetish or something.

I don’t know. Cougar with a camera?

I obviously did not take this picture.


A fern.

These flowers can kill you.

Poison hat!

The night before CZ closed, Jasmine and I smoked a ton of hookah and went to get thai food.

She blows really thick smokerings.


I love Diane Arbus, and Kari, and her stenciling projects.

Bye Kari. We’ll have breakfast at La Note when you come back, too.

CZ’s Last Supper

This semester’s special dinner was tinged with sadness, and a hint of urgency propelled a good number of us into drinking a lot. Beerbongs, champagne bongs, wine bongs…I’m surprised there wasn’t a Jack Daniel’s bong (probably a good thing, for those involved as well as those who had to clean up the following morning). I think it was the funnest thus far, the food the best, and the company the rowdiest. All hail Crackistan!

(most photos by May Nguyen, the rest by me.)

May and a persimmon at the farmer’s market earlier that day. Almost too sweet.

We found mushrooms on the way home.

Two knights and a maiden (the theme was dark ages/King Arthur’s Court).

Three of my favorites.

The layout.

Sir Richard and Isabella were our well-spoken alter egos.

Mushrooms will fuck you up!

Bryan Kett as the infamous Hunchback.

Joe the glowing salad maker.

Rayo: Ghost Samurai.

Ben and Maxwell are really the ambiguously gay dynamic duo. This will make sense later.

This is also Maxwell. He is Maxwell’s roommate. CRAAAAAAZY

The other half of the Knight and Maiden quartet.

Hey hey artsy fartsy black-hole eyes.

Alex’s leper sores look realy convincing. I almost didn’t hug him.

Maxwell is leaving for India, where he will adventure and do good works alongside his girl. We will miss him and his witty humor.

Oh, jolly good, best friends.

They are comfortable with each other in many ways.

Look at Ben. What a (lovable) creep.

Vietcong sisterhood!

I found this dinosaur early on and was clutching it in my hand for the rest of the night. Bryan doesn’t believe me when I say that I’m actually a grown person.

We’s crazy.

Don’t even get me started.

They cooked suckling pig in cinderblock ovens built in the courtyard. Truly medieval.

Maxwell and Maxwell.

That infamous skullbong. Note the time. Note how wasted Zach already is. Note how it says “Fate” over his head – I guess the Asian glow was meant to be.

Kipp is a player, even when he’s the Black Plague.

Suckling pig!

Rayo/Blitz is really photogenic when he wants to be and has the craziest body.

Um, hello.

Yay friends! (oh god will this blog ever end?)

The kitchen is an inspiring place to grab booty in.

Nikki will be one of the Czars featured in the CZ nude calendar, made by Pat P. and me.


I love being a lecher, especially when I can touch.

There’s always a price to pay, however.

Yay, got away with this one scott free. Heh heh.

Brittany! Always smiling.

Shannon drunkenly feeding someone chocolate-covered candied orange peel.

Noah Israel is a bear! Eating a truffle! Manically!

Blake Boles. Yes sir.

CZ, I will miss your live music.

Nearing the end of the night…we four spent at least half an hour piled on a couch, talking.

Everyone loves dinosaurs.

I was actually really content. Dunno why the face.

Let’s end on a silly note.

Keep an eye out for our webmaster’s version of the night.