water is life

Josh and I became kooky surf dorks.





I don’t know how these ants were surviving.


























sfb diiv repeat

So a few years ago Bryan told me I might like DIIV, ’cause they have like a New Order / Cure kind of vibe, which may or may not be true, but I got pretty into them, and even more so after seeing them live.


DIIV played a show of only new material from their forthcoming 2nd album at Baby’s All Right. A band I hadn’t heard of, Sunflower Bean, pictured above, opened. It turns out they were shredding super hard, with a Black Sabbath kind of vibe. By the way these descriptions are not necessarily accurate to all listeners, just feelings I remember having.


Then DIIV played all new material to a packed, stuffy, hot room, and the album didn’t come out for almost a year after that!


A couple months later Sunflower Bean played at Rough Trade and it was sick.






Then the 2 bands toured together and played at Webster Hall.


It was around Halloween time so DIIV played their encore as the Wizard of Oz characters.


Sunflower Bean played my birthday at Bowery Ballroom. It was the homecoming show of their US tour for their 2nd album, Human Ceremony. Julia Cumming, the bassist, jumped into the crowd during a song, and it was epic, basically.



DIIV did a residency at Market Hotel when their 2nd album, Is The Is Are, finally came out.


The 2 bands played together again at the House of Vans, and since then I’ve missed all of their local shows :(.



Fall 2015, I was still obsessed and enthralled with the beauty of surfing and the sea, and everything that happens with them. Summer had ended, but I hadn’t noticed.





That’s Kevin, with Josh’s family heirloom board, also known as the kook pride.


















This was a memorable day for me. It was mid week in early October, and my first encounter with a Fall storm swell. Joaquin was it’s name. Arriving at B67 was like a scene from a 70s surf film shot in California, cars with boards hanging out pulled up to the boardwalk, parking wherever they want, nearly everyone coming and going was there to surf.


The waves were scary for me, the biggest I’d seen in person at the time, but Kevin had said to me something like, “you’ve been skateboarding all your life, you’ve taken some slams, you can hold your breath for 5 seconds.” So took some slams I did, and I found out holding your breath for 5 seconds can be kind of hard when you’re already out of breath.


Someone’s in there.



This looks like it could hurt.


But this looks fun.




This is Andreea Waters. She recently had a book published called Surf NYC.



I didn’t know New York waves could focus your board.


chaharshanbe suri

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Chaharshanbe Suri was celebrated at the La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on Avenue C. Chaharshanbe Suri is a fire jumping festival celebrated just before the Persian New Year, which is on the Spring Equinox. The there was a bit of a snow storm during the day, but the festivities carried on.


Three small fires were lit, and according to the event organizers, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space,  “It is customary to sing the phrase, “zardi-ye man az toh, sorkhi-ye toh az man” as you jump. Literal translation: my yellow is yours, your red is mine. This is a purification rite. Loosely translated, it means you want the fire to take your pallor, sickness, problems and winter blues and in turn give you health, warmth, and energy.”






Kids found a hill to sled.











The ol’ cardboard box sled.


swaying slightly

We made our way slowly down the path that led to the stream,
Swaying slightly,
Drunk on the sun, I suppose.
It was a real summer’s day.
The air humming with heat whilst the trees beckoned us into their cool green shade.
And when we reached the stream I put a bottle of cider into the water to chill,
Both of us knowing that we’d drink it long before it had the chance.






























full super blue

It was Friday, July 31, 2015, I had just caught the mega surf bug that summer, and went down for an end of the week sunset session. Sunset sessions are my favorite, the beauty and the colors are seriously overwhelming. This particular sunset was accompanied by a golden full moon rise, which happened to be the 2nd full moon of the month, a blue moon, and a super moon. (Gee, the moon has so many moon adjectives these days.)

Floating out on the water, with the celestials aligned, the scene was ridiculous. I remember debating whether or not to paddle in to grab my camera and photograph, but decided to stay out. As I continued float and watch the moon rise out of the ocean, an epiphanic feeling hit me – the moon is really, actually, way out there, massive heavy rock, somehow just floating, just like I was floating.


Anyway, fast forward into the night, we’re hangin’ at a backyard BBQ with a bunch of local surfers, and all of the sudden they’re talking about hitting the full moon session around midnight. What!?! That’s a thing? I was elated! It’s rare to meet anyone in New York City who gets in the ocean at night, let alone tries to catch waves on a board! But the moon was extra bright, and there were actually waves, it was another very rare combination.


We reconvened on the beach and they’re all wearing glow sticks around their necks and wrists so they can see each other. I was already too dead from the sunset sesh to paddle out, but i swam out with my waterproof point-n-shoot camera. It seemed like a rough chance to get photos, plus they couldn’t really see me, and we didn’t really know each other, but I got as close as I could…


Some of the homies lit off a Chinese paper lantern.






A month or 2 later, I was dying to shoot more night surfing under the full moon, except the waves were way choppy with a strong undertow. Reid and I tried for a bit and just got these 2 photos.



and if you said jump in the river


























































After years of claiming, we finally spent the night sleeping like homeless on a New York City beach, making a washed up boat our home.









We woke up surrounded by flies, but could wash the itch of the bites off in the sea.



3 worlds of skateboard photographers come together over beach tacos. I originally knew of Frankie Galland for shooting skateboarding in the late 90s and early 00s, Terry Worona for shooting in Ottawa and now San Francisco, and Evan Collisson for shooting in Dubai in his teens and early 20s.





Fresh from the farmer’s market, summer fruit is the best.


The mud-bath sauna of upstate mud, installed in Rockaway.



















There was a major lunar eclipse around September 2015,



and Rockaway locals came out to enjoy it.


It was one of the blood moon eclipse’s.










bike kill 13

The 13th annual Bike Kill went down around Halloween weekend 2016. Bike Kill is usually in the streets, but this year it was in a massive, appropriately dilapidated warehouse. Hundreds gathered to ride funky franken-bikes and watch tall bike jousting.











This is a little compilation of unedited phone video that I took:

skatetown soup

Josh Stewart.


Josh Stewart’s gear pile.


Josh Stewart’s mini DV tapes.


Kenny Reed and Louise Menke published a book about their visit to Skateistan in Kabul, titled Some Time To Smile.


Scott Augustine, Kenny Reed, Louisa Menke, Lee Smith, Tony Cox.


Yonnie Cruz.


Waiting for the janitor to leave.


T told me the skaters I was in Harlem with should where helmets, I told her I liked her dress.


I took down her mailing address to mail her the photos, and she said she could use them for her funeral.


Ryan Lay.


This skateboarder dropped in on a Jeff Koons sculpture.



There was an art show at a new LES gallery galled Chinatown Soup, with some cement waves in their back alley.











Jon Mehring published a book with National Geographic titled Skate The World.



Watermelon Alex.


5boro premiered their video 5BNY at Sunshine Cinemas.


Paulgar Roura’s tattoo, an image from Smiths’ 2nd studio album Meat Is Murder.