Today is today
Today is it
Today it is
Today is always

– Pati Mera

Pati text messaged this to me last year when we were making plans for one of these beach days. I thought it was a beautiful poem and had jotted it down. A year later, with our busy city lives, growing into various interests, it’s become gradually harder to make these beach days happen, and sadly this sort of mantra can feel out of reach.


This was December 2015, an annual winter night dip. The next December I was sick and couldn’t make it.




Surfing has taught me the beach is great year round, or that summer never really ends.





People always say it’s so crazy to get in the ocean and surf when it’s freezing and snowing. Well, a year later I got a winter suit, and well, by the time I got it, it was late March, the end of winter, but it didn’t seem that crazy. You put on a winter coat, boots and gloves to walk outside, you put on a winter suit and booties and gloves to surf, it seems pretty normal.


And a little frisbee sesh in the snow can be normal too.






Last winter I really wanted to learn how to double dutch.


Then it was late Spring.










And then it was Summer.




This is Pati.






“Hey can you keep your dirty sandals off my old dashboard? the wood pops off sometimes ;)”