The more time you’re alive, the more time there is to develop a variety of hobbies. Eventually skate events can seem “ABD” as we call it in skateboarding – “already been done”, or feel nostalgic, and every now and then still feel new and exciting. These are some photos from a few different skate events in 2016.


Stoops Magazine issue 03 photo show.


The Stoops party was in a sort of open office space.


To me it’s funny to see nicely dressed ladies at an event full of skater kid, but i guess that’s normal now.


Ryan Garshell at his GX1000 video premiere, at Sunshine Cinema.


Word on the streets is this was the last skate video premiere at Sunshine, not because everyone smokes weed and drinks beer at them, but because Sunshine was coming under new ownership, and/or there was some tagging done that night.



Whole Bitch video premiere pregame, Kevin Graver.


These guys hung out here so much, they call it the couch and made a skate video themed around it.




Whole Bitch video premiere



And the after party was back at the couch.





Colin Read at his Spirit Quest premiere at SVA Theater. This video was such a hit, his next project was a music video for the band Radiohead.


Alex Fogt with his Spirit Quest posters. The animals are made of a collage of wood block prints, where the wood blocks were scarred used skateboard decks.


Skater kids love sitting around on the ground, I used to too.


Giovanni Reda at his slideshow at the new Diamond Store. Reda was the older established NYC skate photographer when I arrived from the suburbs. He’s a great talker, which made his slideshow extra fascinating.


Danny Supa, Anthony Correa, and RB Umali were some of the defining NYC skaters and filmer when I was a young skater kid. In the early 2000s and prior, it didn’t seem like there were that many crews of skateboarders in NYC. The scene felt somewhat centralized. Now, as is somewhat exemplified in this post, but only cracking the surface of, there are a variety of crews in the expanded local scene.


Dave Ortiz and Vinny Raffa, all these guys have so much character.


These are some of what you might call the “younger generation” that came out to Reda’s slideshow of the “older generation”.