Josh Stewart.


Josh Stewart’s gear pile.


Josh Stewart’s mini DV tapes.


Kenny Reed and Louise Menke published a book about their visit to Skateistan in Kabul, titled Some Time To Smile.


Scott Augustine, Kenny Reed, Louisa Menke, Lee Smith, Tony Cox.


Yonnie Cruz.


Waiting for the janitor to leave.


T told me the skaters I was in Harlem with should where helmets, I told her I liked her dress.


I took down her mailing address to mail her the photos, and she said she could use them for her funeral.


Ryan Lay.


This skateboarder dropped in on a Jeff Koons sculpture.



There was an art show at a new LES gallery galled Chinatown Soup, with some cement waves in their back alley.











Jon Mehring published a book with National Geographic titled Skate The World.



Watermelon Alex.


5boro premiered their video 5BNY at Sunshine Cinemas.


Paulgar Roura’s tattoo, an image from Smiths’ 2nd studio album Meat Is Murder.