These photos are from last winter, the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, starting with a polar plunge.


I thought it was funny to compare Frankie’s expression in a polar plunge, which is expected, as compared to Kevin Hagen’s in the next photo.




Thawing toes. Vic also showed us it works super well to bury your toes in sand heated by the fire.










Patti Mera.








Tarynn O Wanderer.


Frankie Galland in his bedroom.


Leks, Andrea, Amanda, at the Met for Jazz at the Met.




Danilo Parra, backside powerslide.




This red balloon was stuck to some floating ice in the east river and moving in slow circles in the current, it was amazing!




This is Z Behl, one of my favorite artists. Last year she made a large wooden deck of male nudie cards. She photographed me in the back seat of her 90’s Volvo and I got to be the 4 of diamonds, alongside more of my favorite artists, Duke Riley and Dustin Yellin.



That’s me in the house of cards.



I helped Danilo shoot a music video with Emily Pickell during the coldest windiest snow storm last year.




Central Park.




Fort Greene Park.


Niko is wearing an emergency life jacket from a plane.


Danilo in Central Park.




Bryan Derballa at the TED conference in Vancouver.


Luna! in Vancouver.


This it the Peak 2 Peak Gondola at Whistler, instead of going from the bottom of the mountain to the top, it goes from from one mountain top to another. Having only skied on the east coast, that tripped me out.