These photos are from a 3 night camping trip during Labor Day weekend in 2014. It’s a long post, 80 photos, because I think single photos taken out of context are way overdone these days. Hopefully you’ll wait ’til you’re on your computer and have at least 5-10 minutes of spare time.

canon wp-1, portra 400

Kevin brought us to one of his hometown spots, a train track bridge jump.


It was super dark, and you had to jump through a big triangle opening.


It was one of my first night jumps, you don’t know when you’ll hit the water, and I didn’t straight my legs, so it was like water split my butt open.



We got an ostrich egg to cook for brunch, but drained it carefully so we could keep the shell. Birds are dinosaurs.






Vic caught me setting up a prank/public service announcement involving fake blood, but was nice enough to play along to let everyone else get really scared.