I named this post after the Pixies song, because monkeying around is one of my favorite things to do whenever I can, but especially at a swimming hole, which is why I don’t get as excited about lifeguarded beaches or even swimming holes crowded with a lot of locals. Also the lyrics in the first verse end with “From New York and New Jersey”, which is where these are shot, but nobody here is getting killed by 10 million pounds of sludge. The events pictured here took place in late July, 2014.

















Patti, up to her usual sorcery.


Kevin and Danilo rented an Airbnb for a shoot, and invited a few people to come the night before ’cause it was on a lake that happen to have a rope swing. We enjoyed it like any natural humans would. Then at sunrise a whole bunch of crew woke us up as they started loading gear in, which we were not warned about. Then they got yelled at by neighbors.


These are some behind-the-scenes or production stills from their shoot with musician Juan Wuaters. In this photo a producer is testing the ball.




Juan Wuaters is in this bubble in a full suit. It must have been really hot in there, but his songs still managed to sound great.



Kirby climbed that tree like a champ to get the tree angle.



Patti Mera.