This is a mixed bag of snapshots from the 2nd half of 2014.

Crazy Legs was a rollerskating party held at a Salvation Army gym in BedSty, Brooklyn. The skaters were so good, it was so fun, and since the start of 2015 they’ve been kicked out of their space – major bummer. These are some snapshots I took one time while skating around.













I took some phone video too.


In this one, the dj put on classical music, which wasn’t the usual.


They had really fun Halloween parties.



Danilo and Kevin outside Crazy Legs after the Halloween party.







Stephen McClintock at his show.


Annelise and Josh.




I made these guys leave the skateparks for a classic midtown night sesh.


Sade hosted Thanksgiving, we wore her hats.


Sade had enough hats for everyone.


We went to karaoke and crowd surfed Sade.


Whitey was enjoying pistachios.


Whitey, Annelise, Alex, and Jeff.


Marina and Eve.


Brian DeGraw at Baby’s All Right.




Ariel Pink at Baby’s All Right.





Diiv at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.