Last June, 2014, we went camping a couple times. It’s funny because we swim a lot at night too, but I happen to only have daytime photos from both of these weekends.






This lake is really small and perfect, and nearly all the camping spots were taken when we arrived the night before.


This photo reminds me of elementary school when we had an iguana in a tank with a heat rock it liked to lay on.


Hayden did this rope swing to dive in the dark the night before first try, it was insane!






Oh yeah! Danilo dragged in a 2400-watt Honda generator to blow up this ball. We got kicked out, and brought it to another lake that wasn’t an hour hike in.


















If you’re wondering, this is a dude diving.






Oh, this is when Phil spearheaded the super sketchy climb up this avalanche site. I’ve always wanted to climb one.


A lot of football sized rocks started tumbling down at us when kicked loose by the first climbers, and we had to dodge or catch them. Everyone else thought it was a bad idea right away, but I’m only realizing now that the adrenalin is gone that they were right.


Phil was in this tree waiting for the rest of the crew.


Oh look, Phil also had a cast on for that climb, no big deal…