I have this love for New York City… I think it’s the only place to be. And I love the beach, it’s a rare magical place you can really feel free. Beaches exist all over the world, but the New York City beaches are the best of them all. The fact that they’re so close to home, civilization, culture, friends, human energy, and all of my life pursuits, make them unique to me. You could drop me in some perfect, tropical, untouched beach in the middle of the pacific, and it would be desolate, inaccessible, and away from friends. It would be a nice escape, but not really part of the reality of my life.

This is the 1st half of my beach 2014 photos.




The beach was so beautiful around sunset this day. The water had a gorgeous, smooth, blue-purple metallic surface, I think due to lack of wind. After the sun set and the sky was dimming blue, the ocean and the sky blended together as if there wasn’t a horizon.






Danilo and I like to get a little weird, it’s very therapeutic.




He was building and climbing this stuff and it wouldn’t fall over. Danilo’s a magician.









Since I love this beach so much, I have to interrupt the good times photos for this public service announcement.


I attended this protest because there’s a natural gas pipeline being built right under one of my most beloved places in the world, by a company with a poor safety and accident record – I mean, do any pipeline constructing companies have a good record?



We marched up into the on shore construction site in protest.



We made our point, and the park police kicked us out.


That’s Kevin Hayden riding a wave on a surf board.



This is Kevin Hagen riding a wave without a surf board. Hayden and Hagen are not the same person.












This looks like someone getting shot in the chest with a roman candle.


Bryan gets weird at the beach too, that’s how strong the magic is there.





The waves were really choppy and fun to ride on this night.





After it was totally dark, the waves would just hit you without a moment after the previous wave.