I thought Summer would be a great time to look at a collection of photos from last Fall and Winter.


In September 2013 we went to Charlottesville, VA, and ate grass fed beef from Dave Matthews’ farm. He had a band called Dave Matthews Band in the 1990’s.







In October you could swim in a lake for a few minutes before your feet get numb.










In December you can’t even get to the water from the sand before your feet get numb.


The best things about polar plunges are being reminded of how exciting it was the next time you’re cold walking around town, knowing that it’s not as cold as that dip, something about helping blood circulation, and knowing what you can handle if you ever need to save a friend who fell in a frozen lake.





Actually, sledding in Central Park with leaky boots is a much longer lasting numb feet situation.


Brett Nelson came to visit in January from SF. We picked him up from JFK at like 7 A.M. and brought him straight to a polar dip.


Polar plunges might be harder in the daytime, because you can see clearly and consciously what you’re doing, where as in the dark you can blank out into a dream state.


Getting dressed is always a challenge when numb.




“You assholes”


Whoever said adulthood means not sledding or having a 2 hour long snowball fight in Fort Greene’s playground is wrong.





Jon Chu and I have birthdays very close to each other in February. Karaoke is the best.