These are some photos from late 2011 to 2013. They’re making me notice how many lives one can have in a lifetime, whether it’s photographers and filmmakers becoming musicians, bands reuniting decades after disbanding, or just everyone having multiple ventures, careers, cities, and worlds they live between. I wonder how many hundreds of years have passed since most people lived a more singular life.


Mark Borthwick at the Autumn Bowl, after it wasn’t the Autumn Bowl.


Pulp at Radio City Music Hall.


Borinquen Place


Bubbles at the Christian Joy show at Picture Farm Gallery.


New Order at Roseland Ballroom.


Jim Jarmusch at Moma PS1.


Os Mutantes at Le Poisson Rouge.


Marilyn Rondon at The Impossible Project.


Brett Nelson at McCarren Park.


Chances With Wolves in Gowanus.


Clint Peterson burning and etching.


A pretty flight attendant is a beacon of hope for the airline industry.


Queens skateboarders at Max Fish.




Gwendolyn Burton at the High Line Park.


Houston St.


The Supermoon on Summer Solstice.



Marissa, Leks, and Lucie at Monkeytown.


Marissa and Nora at McGorlick Park.


Marissa Seraphin