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on july 29, 2013, max fish celebrated its’ last night on ludlow street in manhattan.
most of the old regulars and family came out, i caught photos of a tiny selection of them.

this was one of the only bars i’d go to on a regular basis.
it was such a treat to run into fish friends without any plans or coordination, and see how the night would unfold.
at one point we’d just refer to it as “default”.


jr cronheim and rb umali dancing by the pool table


alec holst held my camera while i played a game. a lot of the wall installations had already been cleared out.


terrill simecki


elena vasquez and preeti sodhi


ulli rimkus


gwendolyn burton



gerhard stochl



allan windsor and marc razo


joshua wildman (this was actually taken one week before the closing night)



matt mooney


amy gunther and big dan


big dan leaning on an exhibit of max fish t-shirt history


lenard smith



at one point the above chandeliers went out, it’s rare to see the fish dimly lit.


ulli rimkus


allan windsor and marc razo


shelly zander and terrill simecki


stamped coasters by matt lilly


joshua wildman


and then it was 4 a.m. – last call, last pool game, last pool game, last call.

i look forward to seeing everyone at the reopening in williamsburg, brooklyn, some time in the fall.

posted by allen ying